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For flexible, convenient agricultural loans to support or expand your farm operation, you’ve come to the right place. Agriculture is known for its unique challenges, especially due to seasonal patterns, but with the right financial tools, you can navigate them successfully. At First Bank and Trust Company, our team of agricultural lenders understand your industry inside and out. Many of our lenders are farmers themselves. Learn more about the financing options available for real estate and improvements, equipment, livestock and operating lines of credit.

Flexible Financing

Farm Operating Loans & Credit Lines

Managing expenses, seizing opportunities, and ensuring a thriving farming operation require financial expertise and support. We offer farm operating loans to cover your immediate expenses and flexible farm credit lines to support your long-term growth. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting out, our experienced team is here to empower your success.

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Finance Equipment

Farm Equipment & Facility Loans

Well-maintained equipment and facilities are important for the growth of your farm. We provide Ag equipment financing to help you invest in new barns and upgrade machinery, while preserving capital for other critical expenses.

Land Financing

Farm Real Estate Loans

We offer competitive financing for the purchase of new farmland and property. We can also help you refinance your existing farm mortgage. Work with our Agricultural Lenders to create the best farm loan package for your needs.

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Guaranteed Lending

FSA Loans

FSA (Farm Service Agency) loans are able to cover a great deal of financing needs–farm acquisition, repairs, daily expenses, refinancing, and more.

Our application process is easy and quick and repayment options can be customized to fit your business operations.

Your Local Ag Lenders in VA, TN and NC

At First Bank and Trust Company, we are deeply committed to the success of farmers and agribusinesses in our local communities. Because of our long history in the business, we have access to an abundance of resources. Our local team is here to help you every step of the way. Stop by one of our local branches, give us a call today!

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