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At First Bank and Trust Company, we understand that agriculture is not just an industry; it's a way of life. Our commitment to nurturing the roots of farming communities goes beyond traditional banking.
The world of agriculture is diverse and multifaceted. We offer financial solutions designed to meet the specific needs of various agricultural industries. Whether you're involved in crop production, livestock farming, swine operations, poultry farming, nursery cultivation, or row crop production, our team of experienced agricultural lenders is here to be your trusted financial partner. 

Explore specialized financial options for swine farming. Our agricultural lenders, have a deep understanding of the swine industry and are ready to be your trusted partners for financial success.

Our tailored financial solutions for row crop farmers include flexible financing options and resource accessibility designed to propel your row crop operations towards growth.

Our agricultural lenders are well-versed in the intricacies of poultry farming. Explore customized solutions for your poultry operations and amplify your success. 

Whether you're cultivating plants, trees, or ornamentals, our team is dedicated to nurturing the growth of your nursery operations.

Navigate the complex landscape of agribusiness with our expertise. From financial support to resource accessibility, we connect sectors of the agricultural industry to the resources they need.

Our experienced agricultural lenders are here to help you create customized financial plans for your beef cattle operation, providing a strong financial foundation for your enterprise.

Explore tailored financial plans for dairy operations. Connect with our experienced team to develop strategies that safeguard your dairy ventures.

Cultivate financial excellence with our forestry and logging solutions. Our team, grounded in agricultural knowledge, is prepared to support the growth of your forestry operations.

Harvest success with our solutions tailored for fruit and vegetable producers. Our agricultural lenders provide financial solutions customized to align with the unique demands of fruit and vegetable farming.

Committed to Agriculture

We are Ag industry specialists who anticipate and prepare for the cyclical nature of farming. We take pride in helping those who are stewards of the land by connecting sectors of the agricultural industry, farming professionals, and their families to the financial resources they need.

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