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Business term loans are a key instrument used to provide working capital for entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies that need financial support to expand, innovate, and secure their place in the market.

For businesses in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, First Bank and Trust Company provides installment financing solutions at competitive terms and rates. With the right business term loan, your company can stay competitive, expand operations, and remain agile in a constantly changing marketplace.

For more details regarding eligibility, rates and repayment information for business term loans, please reach out to a commercial loan officer.

Why First Bank and Trust Company

A Business-Centric Lending Approach for Term Loans

We care about our commercial clients and their business growth. We've structured our business lending solutions with you in mind:

  1. Secured and Unsecured Options: We offer both secured and unsecured lines and loans, providing the flexibility you need to tailor your financing to your specific business goals.
  2. Timing that Suits You: Our flexible loan structures can be customized to align with your source of repayment, ensuring a seamless financial journey.
  3. Revolve with Ease: Take advantage of revolving facilities that allow you to borrow and repay multiple times, offering convenience and control over your finances.
  4. Competitive Rates: Choose from competitive terms, including both fixed and variable rates, designed to meet your financial needs while keeping your costs manageable.
  5. Streamlined Banking: Link your loans and lines of credit to our commercial checking services, streamlining your financial management for greater efficiency.
  6. Optimize Your Balances: Take advantage of zero balance sweep accounts to make your funds work harder for you, optimizing your financial resources.
  7. High-Powered Financing: Access loans up to $34 million, providing the capital necessary to drive your business forward.
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Our Business Lenders Are Your Neighbors

Our lenders are experienced and local to Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. We know you and your market and offer a wide array of industrial and commercial loan products. When you work with First Bank and Trust Company, you are supported by credit analysts and commercial loan support in each market. Your credit file is maintained locally to facilitate servicing your needs in a fast and professional manner, and you can count on quality customer service at every step. 

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