Get a Qualified Retirement Plan for Your Business

Providing retirement plans for your team is not only a valuable benefit but also a strategic investment in your company's success. Our range of business retirement plans caters to all types of businesses. Let us help you find a plan that works for you.

Equip Your Business

Business Insurance through First Bank and Trust Company

You want your business to thrive amid uncertainties.Business insurance offers financial protection, legal counsel, risk mitigation, and more.

Consult a seasoned local financial advisor to secure the right coverage tailored to your business's unique needs. Partner with us for peace of mind and sustainable growth.

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Anticipate the Future

Achieve Long-Term Success Through Business Succession Planning

Leaving your organization's future to chance is a risk you can't afford. Succession planning ensures business continuity, protects your company's culture and values, and more.

Our tailored succession planning services are designed to prepare your business for a prosperous tomorrow. Collaborate with us to create a robust continuity strategy for your organization.

Local Business Banking with Customized Services & Support

First Bank and Trust Company believes in your business. We have a variety of business accounts and services tailored to organizations large and small. Our business banking services provide the convenience you expect to sustain business momentum complimented by the hands-on, dedicated guidance from a team of local bankers.

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