Grow Your Finances In Season and Out of Season

Establishing a robust financial foundation is crucial for farmers navigating season changes and fluctuating markets. For individuals in the farming community, considering savings and money market accounts can be a prudent financial decision. These accounts provide a secure and flexible way to store funds while earning interest. 

Farming cycles align with planting, growth, and harvest seasons. So should your savings. With the security of a dedicated savings account, unexpected expenses become manageable, providing peace of mind and financial stability. Savings accounts contribute to the financial stability of farmers by providing them with advantageous benefits:

  • Seasonal Planning: Savings accounts act as a financial reservoir, allowing farmers to set aside funds during prosperous times. This strategy helps in planning for seasonal expenses and ensures stability during periods of lower income.
  • Emergency Funds: Unforeseen challenges, such as crop failures or equipment breakdowns, are part of the farming landscape. Savings accounts serve as a reliable source for creating emergency funds, providing quick access to resources when needed the most.
  • Long-Term Growth: Beyond immediate needs, savings accounts offer long-term financial growth. Earning competitive interest rates allows farmers to passively grow their wealth over time, contributing to the sustainability of their operations.

Savings Account Features

  • Open an account with $25
  • Unlimited withdrawals at any office or ATM
  • Interest compounded quarterly
  • Free online, mobile, text and phone banking
  • Nationwide access to free ATMs via the Allpoint Network
  • 24 hour access to money

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Money market accounts offer an enticing blend of benefits for farmers who need both growth potential and liquidity. These accounts provide higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts while maintaining accessibility to funds. This flexibility is invaluable for farmers facing unpredictable cash flow demands throughout the agricultural calendar. Money market accounts have benefits that help provide earnings and accessibility. 

  • Higher Interest Rates: Money market accounts provide higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts. This feature makes them attractive for farmers looking to earn more on their idle funds while maintaining cash flow.
  • Flexible Access: One of the key advantages of money market accounts is their flexibility. Farmers can access their funds easily, making these accounts suitable for those who need quick and convenient access to cash during the ups and downs of the agricultural calendar.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Money market accounts serve as an excellent tool for building emergency funds. The combination of higher interest rates and accessibility ensures that farmers can address unforeseen expenses without compromising their financial stability.

Money Market Account Features

  • Open an account with $2,500
  • Interest rates will be paid on the entire balance based on the applicable rate tier.
  • Earn competitive interest on balances of $1,500 or greater
  • Higher interest based on balances
  • Pay no fees regardless of balance
  • Free online, mobile, text and phone banking
  • Nationwide access to free ATMs via the Allpoint Network
  • 24-hour access to money

Ask about our Relationship Money Market Account, available to new and existing First Bank and Trust customers.

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Our +40 years in the agricultural industry has not only proven our strong commitment to agriculture but has landed us 4th in the nation among Ag Banks, and 30th overall. At First Bank and Trust Company, you are in knowledgeable, experienced care when you trust the financial needs of your farm to First Bank & Trust Company.

Planning, Investing, and Protection

Wealth Management Services for Farmers

Are you looking for higher returns than your savings account? For many of us, saving alone won't make us wealthy. We need the higher returns afforded by wealth building strategies like planning for retirement, investing, or securing life insurance. However, figuring out the nuances of wealth and asset management can be daunting. The guidance and expertise provided by a Wealth Advisor can make a significant difference in your savings journey.

Working with a trustworthy and knowledgeable wealth management consultant is important. First Bank and Trust Company's Wealth Advisors are available and ready to help get you on the right path.

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