Agricultural Bank for Swine Operations

At First Bank and Trust Company, our unwavering dedication to agriculture seamlessly integrates with the complex industry of swine operations. We understand the unique challenges and expertise required in swine husbandry, and our team of agricultural lenders, who are experienced farmers themselves, are here to be your practical financial partner. We offer tailored solutions that are designed to enhance and strengthen your swine operations.

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Why Choose First Bank and Trust for Swine Financing?

  • Industry Expertise: Our agricultural lenders are not just financial experts; they are seasoned specialists with an understanding of swine operations. With hands-on experience, we bring industry insight to ensure that our financial solutions are aligned with the demands of your swine business.
  • Personalized Financial Plans: Whether you're upgrading facilities or expanding your operations, our financial solutions are designed to meet the demands of raising swine. We offer flexible financing options to move you toward your production and business goals.
  • Access to Resources: With a history in agriculture, First Bank and Trust Company goes beyond providing financial guidance. We provide access to a diverse pool of resources, ranging from funding for swine herd expansion to support for state-of-the-art equipment and technology adoption, allowing you to navigate the intricate landscape of swine operations with understanding.
  • Expert Risk Management: Swine operations are naturally subject to various risks, from market fluctuations to periodic disease outbreak. Our seasoned team excels in developing risk management strategies to safeguard your swine operations and ensure success.

Connect with our agricultural lending experts and let us be your financial partner for swine operations.

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