Teach Kids to Save

It is never too early to start teaching children to save! Grasping vital lessons about money and practicing great savings habits at a young age is a great foundation for financial health and literacy.

See how you can teach kids of all age groups about money!

  • Start a savings jar.
  • Set a savings goal.
  • Teach them the difference between needs and wants.

Check out our Free Printable Savings Jar Wrap

  • Allow them to earn money through hard work.
  • Opt to put their money in a savings account.
  • Offer incentives for saving their money.
  • Set a good example by your own saving habits.
  • Encourage kids to earn money through a job.
  • Give them the responsibility of a debit card.
  • Have kids track their spending habits.
  • Establish a simple budget for them to save for college or large purchases (ex: used car, laptop, etc.).

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