Get the Money You Need with a Personal Bank Loan

Unexpected expenses or life-changing opportunities often demand more funds than we have readily available. A personal loan from First Bank and Trust Company can provide the financial flexibility you need.

Personal loans do not need collateral like your home or car. They’re based on your creditworthiness, income, and ability to pay. Unlike credit cards, personal loan interest rates are fixed. They also have clear repayment plans, helping you budget better. 

Common Uses

When to Consider a Personal Loan

Personal loans are available for all your personal needs. Here are some reasons you may want to apply:

  • Debt Consolidation: If you have high-interest credit card debt, a personal loan can be a smart move. By consolidating your debts into one lower-interest loan, you can save money and pay off your debt faster.
  • Emergency Expenses: When unexpected expenses arise, like medical bills or car repairs, a personal loan can provide a quick solution to cover these costs.
  • Big Life Events: Personal loans can be used for major life events like weddings, education expenses, or a dream vacation.
  • Business Financing: Entrepreneurs or small business owners may use personal loans to fund their business ventures, especially in the early stages.
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Bank Financing for Your Vehicle

New & Used Auto Loans

We offer competitive auto loans for both new and used vehicles. With our auto financing options you'll be able to hit the road in the car you've always wanted in no time.

Our process is hassle-free, and you can even prequalify for an auto loan, making it easier to shop for your ideal vehicle. Our team will guide you through the process and provide affordable car finance rates that suit your budget.

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