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At First Bank and Trust Company we offer a range of farm real estate loans to support your acquisition of farm land and property. Many of our Agricultural Lenders are farmers themselves and and know first-hand the vital role farming plays in our economy.

Are you looking for a land loan to expand your farm? Are you buying a farm to start your agribusiness? Is it time to improve your farm's infrastructure and facilities? As a local, experienced lender we're able to provide farm loan packages tailored to your unique needs.

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Explore a spectrum of farm real estate loans at First Bank and Trust Company designed to match the diversity of your agricultural ambitions. Whether you're venturing into new territory, expanding your current holdings, or enhancing your farm infrastructure, our tailored financing solutions cater to your unique needs. Our farm real estate loans cover a wide range of agricultural needs. From beef cattle and chicken houses to dairy facilities, crop land, and even tobacco curing barns, we empower you to cultivate success on your terms.

Navigating the path to farm ownership is made simpler with our straightforward loan requirements. At First Bank and Trust Company, we understand the intricate nature of agriculture. Our streamlined process ensures that you can access the financial support you need without unnecessary hurdles. Our dedicated Agricultural Lenders, many of whom are seasoned farmers themselves, guide you through the process, providing clarity on every requirement. Here are a few of the key requirements:

Credit Score: The ability to demonstrate creditworthiness.

Collateral: Identification and valuation of the property being used as collateral.

Down Payment: A down payment is often required and may vary based on the loan program.

Financial Statements: Personal and business financial statements.

Cash Flow Projections: Projections of your farm's cash flow.

Appraisal: Professional appraisal of the farm property.

Loan Purpose: Clearly articulate the purpose of the loan.

Discover competitive land loan rates at First Bank and Trust Company, empowering you to cultivate your agricultural dreams with financial confidence. Our commitment to supporting the farming community extends to providing favorable interest rates on farm real estate loans.  Explore our competitive land loan rates by connecting with one of our Agricultural Lenders today. 

Committed to Agriculture

We are ag industry specialists who anticipate and prepare for the cyclical nature of farming. We take pride in helping those who are stewards of the land by connecting sectors of the agricultural industry, farming professionals, and their families to the financial resources they need.

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Adjust Your Farm Loan to Fit Your Needs

Farm Loan Refinancing

Need to make changes to your existing farm loan or mortgage? A refinance may be right for you. Farm loan refinancing may help decrease your interest rate, lower your monthly payment, pay your farm loan off sooner, or provide funds for farm improvements and equipment.

Consult with a First Bank and Trust Company agricultural lending expert to determine next steps for refinancing.


Farm Loan Tools and Resources

Starting, growing, and maintaining a farm takes planning and resources. It’s important that you make well-informed financial decisions. This is why we offer a variety of calculators, tools, and resources to help you along the way.

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