Manage Your Finances Without Leaving Your Farm

Embracing technological advancements in agriculture isn't just a trend; it’s become a necessity. With First Bank and Trust Company, farmers have the ability to reap the many benefits of Ag online banking, transforming the way they manage finances and cultivate success.

Our industry-leading digital banking experience provides you with free tools, secure access and financial education to manage your accounts and financial journey from anywhere, at any time!

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Digital Banking for Farmers

Bank from wherever is most convenient for you.

There's no time to visit the bank during harvest, or even your normal day-to-day. We bring the bank to your tablet, smartphone or desktop, so you can keep track of your personal transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, and make sure your payments go through without having to pay a visit to the bank.

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Set Up Recurring Bill Payments

Save your time resources by setting up bill payments up to one year in advance. 

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