Virtual StrongBox

Virtual StrongBox is your personal digital storage vault, conveniently available within mobile and online banking.

Store, share and access your most important documents with Virtual StrongBox.

Securely store important files, documents, and photos such as wills, tax documents, vet records, wedding photos, and more. Share documents with people you know and trust, such as your spouse, Accountant, Banker, Financial Advisor, and Doctor’s office. Access your documents anytime, anywhere, through First Bank and Trust Company’s digital banking platform.

Virtual StrongBox is a safe and convenient place to store your documents. When you upload documents into your digital storage vault, your documents are protected behind First Bank and Trust Company’s secure digital banking platform which requires two-factor authentication.


How to Start Using Virtual StrongBox:

  1. Log in to digital banking
  2. From the main dashboard, scroll down to locate the “Virtual Strongbox” card.
  3. Start uploading and organizing your documents! It’s that easy!
Image of the cloud with digital devices

Think of a digital storage vault like a traditional safe deposit box, but one that you can access from mobile and online banking anytime, anywhere! A digital storage vault is a dedicated virtual vault with cloud-based storage and encryption for storing your most important documents. 

Virtual StrongBox uses a private cloud and Total Information Privacy and Protection infrastructure to store your documents. Your documents are individually encrypted and stored in data centers that are SSAE 18 certified and include 24-hour monitoring to assure safety and continuous backup in case of power outages or physical disasters.

Virtual StrongBox protects your files with AES 256-bit encryption - the same level of encryption trusted by the U.S. Government and Military. Files you choose to upload, send or share are encrypted while in transit and while at rest.

Your documents are also protected behind First Bank and Trust Company’s secure digital banking platform which requires multi-factor authentication.

Only you, the user, has access to the documents you upload within First Bank and Trust Company’s digital banking platform. The Bank cannot see any documents you place in your digital storage vault.

If you choose to share one or more documents with a trusted individual, you will be presented with the option to password protect your documents, and you will also have the option to set an expiration date for discontinuing access to shared documents.

  • Click "Files" from the left navigation menu
  • Navigate to the upload destination - the root folder (the initial page after clicking on Files) or a folder/sub-folder in your Files directory
  • Click on the Upload action icon
  • A file upload area will appear and you can either:
    • Click in the file upload area to select a file(s)
    • Drag a file into the file upload area

Yes. If you have reached storage capacity of your free 500 MB, you can easily purchase more space.
The purchase of additional space is an annual subscription.

To purchase additional storage space

  • Sign in to your digital vault
  • Click "Buy More Space" from the left navigation menu
  • Click the "Purchase More Space" action button
  • Select storage size and enter initial cardholder information
  • Click "Next"
  • Enter payment information
  • Click "Submit Payment"

Once the payment has been processed the additional space will automatically be added to your digital vault and will be ready for use.

Organize your documents within Virtual StrongBox by creating a folder.


Learn how to upload secure documents to Virtual StrongBox.


Safely and securely share files stored within Virtual StrongBox via a ShareLink.


Delete unnecessary files or folders within Virtual StrongBox.


Delete file exchanges within Virtual StrongBox.


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