Grow Your Business with Streamlined Omni-Channel Payments.

Connect offers the most intuitive and versatile payment gateway on the market to ensure you are reaching your customers in all environments.  

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Five payment options within one easy-to-use platform

Virtual Terminal

Key in payment details in the browser-based virtual terminal for phone or mail-in orders.


Secure on-the-go payments via the iProcess mobile application.


The simple, fast, and efficient way to process credit card and ACH payments online.

EMV& Contactless

Mobile and countertop EMV and Contactless payment devices.

Integrated Payments

Integrate transaction processing into your software with a full stack of APIs and SDKs

Take your storefront with you wherever you go with the iProcess mobile application.

To get started with the iProcess mobile application, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the iProcess mobile application from the Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Login
  3. Pair any payment devices
  4. Define tax rate
  5. Begin processing payments


iProcess iOS from Gateway Services on Vimeo.


Quickbooks Plug-In, Electronic Invoicing, Data and more.

Electronic Invoicing

Send invoices right to customers' inboxes and enable them to submit payment with just a few clicks.

Recurring Billing

Bill customers on a regular basis by establishing a recurring billing schedule with plans & subscribers.

Customer Vault

Securely store tokenized customer details for future use, invoicing, recurring payments or memberships.

Collect Checkout

Add your checkout button to collect payments or donations on your website or in emails.

Multi-Mid Capabilities

Manage multiple merchant IDs on a single gateway account with consolidated reporting.

Electronic Check

Accept electronic check payments directly through your virtual terminal or online store.

Fraud Prevention

Identify and prevent questionable transactions with real-time fraud scrubbing.

Enhanced Data

Provide extended transaction date to the processor, giving you the best chance to qualify for optimal interchange rates.

QuickBooks Plug-In

Process transactions, create appropriate accounting entries or mark transactions as paid right within the QuickBooks environment.

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