Asset-Based Lending for Businesses

Harness the value of your existing assets.

Amplify your borrowing capacity by working with First Bank and Trust Company to secure an asset-based loan. Asset-based lending allows you to secure larger loan amounts compared to other financing options. This can be especially beneficial when you require substantial working capital to fund your commercial project. Our team of seasoned commercial lenders is ready to be your strategic financial partner, offering tailored solutions to fuel the growth and success of your projects through asset-based lending.

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Why Choose Us As Your Asset-Based Lender?

Business Insight

We go beyond standard financial services; we comprehend the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in commercial enterprises. Spend more time discussing your project specifics and goals with us, and less time explaining the basics of your business. Our team brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring our asset-based lending solutions align seamlessly with your business objectives.

Versatile Financing Solutions

Whether you're gearing up for expansion, equipment acquisitions, or working capital needs, our asset-based lending solutions are designed to cater specifically to your business requirements. From leveraging your receivables and inventory to unlocking the value in your machinery and equipment, we offer flexible and dynamic financing options to empower the success of your commercial projects.

Resourceful Partnerships

Beyond financial support, First Bank and Trust Company boasts a rich history of fostering successful partnerships with commercial business owners. Our extensive network can connect you with industry experts, market insights, and strategic collaborations to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of your projects.

We Are Your Strategic Partner

At First Bank and Trust Company, we take pride in being more than just a bank; we are your strategic partner in the success of your commercial ventures. Connect with our seasoned commercial lending experts who share your ambition for project success. Let us be the catalyst for your business growth, providing the financial support and insights you need to thrive in the dynamic realm of asset-based lending.

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