Part of the community for over 35 years, we know that successful businesses drive the economic health of the region.  
First Bank and Trust Company believes in your business. That is why we have a variety of business services tailored to organizations large and small. At the foundation of our business services is our Business Checking Account. Just like our personal checking accounts, this checking account is absolutely free.  
No minimum balance, no fees, no monthly service charges. Companies that have a large number of deposits, checks written on their account or significant cash deposit and withdrawal needs may prefer our Analyzed Business Checking Account. It offers the latest in account processing technology to allow you to manage your resources more effectively and simplify your cash management. All at a price that is significantly less than that charged by larger banks.  
Automated Clearing House Services are electronic transfers used by businesses who want to reduce their check processing costs, increase their funds management and take advantage of technological efficiencies. It eliminates the manual processing of checks and deposits by conducting them through the secure national network of Federal Reserve banks. 
Our Cash Management Services will ensure that you get the most out of your cash every day. First Bank & Trust Company's Merchant Credit Card Services allow your business to easily accept major credit and check cards with minimal risk. For more information on our business products, please call or email your local branch manager.  
Wire Transfer (Domestic and International) 
Make same day payment of funds to another Bank on your behalf for purchases, family needs or bills. 
Foreign Check Collection 
We can work with you for collection of foreign checks payable to your business for goods and services. 
Stop Payment 
Use stop payment to prevent disputed or lost checks and electronic debits (ACHs) from posting against your account.  
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