First Bank works with all federal, state and local government agencies, local employers and others to allow for direct deposit automated transfers to and from your First Bank & Trust Company accounts. 
  • Funds deposited or withdrawn automatically
  • Deposits or transfers begin and stop at your discretion
  • Deposits or transfers occur on the same date every month or pay period
  • There is no charge for setting up Direct Deposit or Automatic Transfers
  • You can receive confirmation of your deposit or withdrawal 24 hours a day via FirstCall or soon via First Bank Online Banking!
  • Eliminates check writing hassles!
  • Worldwide access to your funds at any location that accepts VISA or any PLUS ATM
  • Cash when you need it!
  • Get credit card convenience without credit card costs
  • Access to all First Bank accounts

  • For more information, contact our Direct Deposit team or call: 
    276.623.2323 (ext 240) or  
    276-623.2323 (ext 219) 
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