Zogo Financial Education

Want to earn money while you learn about money?

First Bank and Trust Company has partnered with Zogo to provide you real-life rewards for completing bite-sized lessons in personal finance topics.

Whether you want to learn more about saving for retirement, or how to become financially independent as a young adult, Zogo offers financial education for people of all ages.

  • Users have access to over 900 bite-sized educational modules that meet all the national standards for financial literacy
  • Users begin each module by learning 5 concepts before taking a 5 question quiz
  • The user earns points - in the form of pineapples - for completing each educational module
  • Users can exchange their pineapples for gift cards (and other rewards)
Access Zogo for free within First Bank and Trust Company’s online and mobile banking platform or use access code “FIRST” to join First Bank and Trust Company's free community when you download the Zogo app!

It pays to learn about financial literacy - literally.

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