First Expressions Customizable Visa Check Cards 
Design your own First Bank & Trust VISA card, and express your true personality. 
First, you must be a First Bank & Trust Company customer with an active checking account and Visa card to use this service.  
To open a Visa check card, visit a First Bank & Trust Company branch near you. 
The process is simple, the options are many. The end result is uniquely your own. 
• 1. Choose a photo from our image library or upload your own photo following the card guidelines. It's easy and its unique.  
• 2. Customize your Visa® debit and credit cards. Use a favorite you already have, or choose from a wide selection of images in our online gallery.  
Creating your card is fast and easy: 
Step 1: Upload your image 
Step 2: Review your card 
Step 3: Submit your card 
The required specifications are as follows: 
Format: JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) 
Minimum Size: 100.0 KB 
Maximum Size: 3.0 MB 
Minimum Dimension: 840 x 840 
Maximum Dimension: 2850 x 2850 
Click here to customize your Visa Check card 
Please review important FAQs and Terms and Conditions regarding this service before proceeding to the card customization tool.  
Click here to try the demo  
Customize your card now:  
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