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It all starts with the relationships we have with the people we serve. We take the time to know our customers and form a partnership that lasts. As investment professionals, we have to put ourselves into the shoes of our customers to truly understand their risks and goals. Explore the investment options we offer to help fill your needs.

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A comprehensive look at your personal financial situation: income, debt, investments, insurance, college funding and estate planning.


  • We will build an income statement and balance sheet for your family. Understand your cash flow, savings rate and investment portfolio.


  • Make informed decisions about major purchases, savings, investments and retirement.

Build a customized investment portfolio that's designed to help achieve investment goals at a level of risk you're comfortable with, based on your unique goals and circumstances.


  • Diversified investments designed to achieve your investment goals with the least amount of risk


  • Professional investment research, state-of-the-art portfolio construction and management from an experienced, local investment professional

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Protect your assets and your family with up-to-date estate planning.*


  • Professional investment management; Impartial administration of your trust and estate by experienced professional fiduciaries


  • Peace of mind. Impartiality and open communication of your plans and goals. Minimize family conflict. Be certain that all probate and tax laws are complied with.

* Trust services available through First Bank & Trust Company's Trust Division.

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs and annuities.


  • We help you evaluate your goals and assess risk and reward. Find the investment vehicles that are right for you.


  • Investment advice from an experienced, local financial advisor

Variety of life insurance plans from the strongest insurance companies in the industry.


  • Whole life, Universal Life and Term Life policies


  • Get the coverage you need with advice from an experienced, local financial advisor

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Insurance plans designed to protect your assets from unexpected illness and nursing home expenses.


  • Monthly and single premium plans are adaptable to almost every circumstance. Some plans cover home health care. Death benefit riders and return of premium features may be available.


  • You have a plan! Live worry-free knowing you have protected your family and assets from the expenses of aging and illness

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