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We operate as a fiduciary, so you can rest assured that we have your best interest
in mind when making recommendations. We are here to help you understand your goals, risk tolerance and options so you can be confident in your financial decisions.

Local Relationships

Your First Bank & Trust advisor is accessible. You will be able to communicate with your advisor in person at a local office, by phone, email, or even video conference. We seek to find common ground with you and truly get to know you while working towards your financial goals.

Expert Services

Our team is made up of experienced investment professionals who hold an array of certifications and licenses. We have strategic partnerships in the investment community, access to up-to-the-minute market research, and additional resources necessary to meet your goals and needs in an efficient and timely manner.

First Bank & Trust Financial Planning for College

The First Bank & Trust Wealth Management Division has a long track record of helping families save and prepare for college tuition and related expenses. We’d love to help you make plans and undertake the actions required to fund your loved one’s college education too.

Our trusted and certified financial planners are ethically bound to provide the highest standard of care. We do not use commission-based products, which means our sole motivation is to help you achieve your financial goals. We have access to a wide variety of asset management resources to provide you the most beneficial recommendations based on your unique needs.

What to Expect With Financial Planning for College

To help you plan for college expenses, we’ll discuss strategies for maximizing your savings with high-interest-bearing products and investments while finding ways to reduce your overall out-of-pocket tuition expenses. We’ll consider these strategies within the broader context of your comprehensive financial plans since it’s likely you are saving for retirement and college simultaneously.

We understand every family’s needs are different, so we tailor our planning to your unique situation.

Some Common Financial Planning for College Services Include:

  • Evaluating savings and investment products and programs to maximize your return.
  • Planning for tax implications and possible benefits.
  • Providing financial organization and expense management strategies.
  • Making projections for tuition, fees, room and board, and other expenses.
  • Evaluating programs to limit tuition expenses.
  • Planning post-college budget and student loan payoff.

We start with an initial meeting where we learn about your interests and goals. The first meeting is usually the longest, and then we follow up with quarterly or bi-annual meetings. But we are always here to help- by phone, email, or with an in-person or virtual meeting. That’s the benefit of working with our local team who is invested in the community.

Who is Financial Planning for College For?

We often hear this question- who should work with a financial planner when preparing to fund a loved ones’ college education? The answer is anyone who wants to be ready to meet the ever-rising costs of college tuition and living expenses.

We work with individuals and couples of all ages and life situations, helping them achieve their dreams. Whether that’s early retirement, enough money to pay for your children’s college, or the desire to leave behind enough to care for loved ones, we’re here to make your dreams a reality.

A Long Track Record for Helping Our Clients

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