Visualizing your dream home just got easier.  
With conventional loan options as well as Veteran’s Administration, Federal Housing Authority and Rural Development loan options you are certain to find a home buying option that best fits your needs:  
• Up to 100% financing 
• Low down payment 
• Fixed and adjustable rates 
• Local loan processing 
• Purchase, refinance, home improvement or home equity loans 
• Pay your mortgage payment at your local FB&T Co. office 
• No 800 numbers 
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Owning a home is often the largest purchase a family makes.  It is a very important investment and, if done right, a home becomes the central point of a family’s life.   That’s why it is important that home buyers choose a mortgage lender who will guide them through the process…someone they can trust. 
Having a great mortgage lending experience doesn’t end with the relationship between the banker and the borrower.  Truly great relationships mean the bank works well with realtors, home builders and other financial planners to ensure a smooth process from beginning to end. 
Our local, experienced, qualified mortgage lenders make buying a home an enjoyable experience. 
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