Mortgage Loan Rates

A house is a long term purchase that may be in your family for years, decades, or even generations. That’s why home financing with optimal rates and flexible terms are essential to success. And, at First Bank & Trust, we are proud to be your local mortgage loan provider. 

Competitive mortgage loan rates require competitive customer services over the life of the loan. First Bank & Trust loan officers are passionate about helping you find the best possible financing solution for your unique circumstances.

Mortgage loan rates adjust frequently to match our competitive nature and may fluctuate on a daily or weekly basis. To get the most accurate rate, please contact us for a custom rate quote.


How Mortgage Loan Rates Impact Buying Choices

Whether you choose to lock in a fixed-rate or opt for an adjustable-rate mortgage, your mortgage loan rate has a significant impact on your home-buying decisions. 

    • Adjustable-rate home mortgages may offer lower interest rates than fixed-rate mortgages but lack predictable payments. 
    • Higher interest rates will take longer to pay off than lower ones, although lower rates are often accompanied by shorter terms.
    • Down payments lower the principal cost of the home, which reduces interest payments over time.

Mortgage Loan Rates FAQs

Q: How much of a down payment should I have to get the best interest rate?

A: A 20% down payment allows you to avoid PMI and other fees. However, down payments are not necessary for getting a mortgage with First Bank & Trust. Reach out to your local branch for additional assistance.

Q: Why doesn’t First Bank & Trust list mortgage loan rates online?

A: Due to the fast-changing nature of mortgage loan rates, our team has opted to serve you better by creating custom quotes. Call, click, or visit us today for your custom rate quote.

Q: How do I get the lowest mortgage loan interest rate?

A: Obtaining a low rate depends on several factors like your credit score, debt to income ratio, credit report, and more. Get in touch with us for a custom rate quote.

Get Competitive Mortgage Loan Rates With First Bank & Trust 

Start your next home buying journey on the right track with First Bank & Trust. We welcome you to learn more about our home mortgage loan options and get your custom rate quote today. 


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