Mortgage Loans No Down Payment

Our new 100% Loan was developed to open the doors to home ownership offering a loan option with no down payment.

Local customer service. That's the key difference you'll experience when you get a mortgage loan at First Bank & Trust Company. Many of our mortgage loans are serviced locally, and services are provided for the life of the loan. 

Stop in any one of our branch offices at any time and talk to a real, local person who can answer your questions! Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing the mortgage on your current home, First Bank & Trust Company can help. We understand this decision is a big step and we are here to walk with you through the process. Let us know how we can help.

Key features of the Home100 Mortgage include:

  • No down payment required
  • No First Time Homebuyer requirement
  • No income limitations
  • Flexible source of funds. Closing costs can be a gift or paid by the seller.
  • Purchase only. Owner occupied one unit home, PUD or Townhouse.
  • Maximum Loan Size $500K. Exceeds conforming loan limits.
  • Servicing retained - you'll make payments to us.



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