ClickSWITCH - Online Account Switch Tool

We know switching your accounts from one financial institution to another is time consuming and maybe even a little intimidating. Not at First Bank & Trust Company. We have made it easy for you with ClickSWITCH, our online switch tool that safely and securely does the work for you.

You can easily move recurring payments and direct deposits to your First Bank & Trust Company account by allowing ClickSWITCH to do the work for you.

You must open an account with First Bank and Trust in order to use ClickSWITCH. Visit FirstWallet to open accounts online. 

Visit a branch and a Customer Service Representative will assist you with the following steps: 

  • Open a First Bank & Trust Company account.
  • Work with a Customer Service Representative to gather information and start the switch process.
  • You will be provided with a SwitchTRACK code in order to access ClickSWITCH from home.
  • Log into the ClickSWITCH Portal to update any necessary missing information.

If you already have an account with First Bank & Trust Company, and would like to switch your recurring payments and direct deposits to First Bank & Trust Company, please contact a Customer Service Representative for assistance.

Note: Our ClickSWITCH service has the capability to mail an account closure request to your previous financial institution. The process may take up to 30 days for all switches to be completed.

For more information, contact info@firstbank.comor call 276-623-2323 (ext. 506)
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