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The Convenience of Banking Online

June 12, 2023

Online banking is an essential tool that can help you effectively manage your finances. With online banking, you can access your account information through your smartphone or any other internet-enabled device, making banking much more flexible and convenient. This level of accessibility makes it easier for you to stay informed about your financial status while on the go. Here are some ways in which online banking can improve your day-to-day life:

1. Transfer Money Online:

Open any First Bank and Trust Company checking, savings, or money market accounts with online account opening quickly and easily. Once your accounts are in place and you self-enroll in online banking, you can make transfers from one account to another and also perform external transfers without physically visiting the bank. Transferring money in online and mobile banking is easy with First Bank and Trust Company's industry-leading digital banking platform.

2. Manage Your Finances, Create Budgets and Set Savings Goals:

Available within both online and mobile banking, My Finances, is your personal online financial manager. My Finances allows you to manage all of your accounts, including accounts with other institutions, so you can clearly see and manage your full financial picture. My Finances is a free tool that allows you to set savings goals for life events such as a wedding or family planning, set budgets, manage cash flow, and track your net worth. You can also elect to receive text and email alerts for savings milestones, upcoming bills, and spending targets.

3. View Transaction History Online:

Online banking also provides a view of your detailed transaction history at any time, making it easy to monitor your spending habits and budget effectively. Clicking into a transaction will allow you to add tags, notes, and images to the transaction. These features are especially beneficial when you are budgeting and want to look at your spending by categories. You can also quickly identify unauthorized transactions by regularly viewing your transaction history. If you have a question or concern about a transaction, you can "Attach to a conversation" which starts a chat conversation with our digital banking support team.

4. Pay Bills Online:

Online banking eliminates the need to send traditional mail for bill payments, reducing the risk of lost checks or late payments, the time it takes out of your day, and the cost of postage. You can make instant payments and even set up automatic payment schedules for timely transactions. For help getting started, watch Getting Started with Bill Pay on our YouTube Channel.

5. Apply for Loans Online:

In addition to banking, you can also apply for personal, mortgage, and auto loans online. Simply provide the prompted information and allow a local loan officer to respond via email or phone within 24 hours.

6. Chat and Telephone Customer Support:

First Bank and Trust Company prioritizes delivering quality customer service, and that is why we have added chat capabilities to mobile and online banking. When you are unable to pick up the phone and call us, we are still able to support you through instant messaging, and conversations are protected behind First Bank and Trust Company's secure digital banking platform. Our support team is available Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 5 pm, ET.

We know life is busy, so we have also extended our telephone banking hours outside of normal business hours. Our support team is available to assist you by phone at (866) 428-5998, Monday - Friday, 7 am - 11 pm ET; on weekends, 9 am - 5 pm ET, and on Federal Holidays, 9 am - 5 pm ET, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Start Banking Online Today

Start your online banking journey today with First Bank and Trust Company and enjoy the safety and security of our industry-leading online banking services. Contact us for more information on how to make the most of online banking.


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