Telephone Banking

We're enhancing our telephone banking system.

Effective November 18, 2020, First Bank & Trust Company's telephone banking system will be available to all customers at one new toll-free number, 833 FIRST 11 or 833-347-7811

Prior to November 18th, please continue to use your local First Call telephone banking number, here.

 New Features:

  • Improved speech recognition
  • Hear detailed deposit and loan account information
  • Hear future dated transactions
  • Transfer funds and schedule automatic transfers
  • Make payments and schedule automatic payments 


Menu Options:

1. Account Balance
2. Account History
3. Funds Transfer or Make a Payment
4. PIN Maintenance
5. Get Bank Information
6. Future Dated Transactions
7. Get Account Information by Email

Global Command "Shortcuts" :

8*  Speech
1*  Help Menu
3*  Main Menu
8    Go Back
5*  Skip
#    Repeat
7*  Hang Up
O   Operator
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