Virtual StrongBox

Virtual StrongBox is your personal digital storage vault, conveniently available within mobile and online banking.

Store, share and access your most important documents with Virtual StrongBox.

Securely store important files, documents, and photos such as wills, tax documents, vet records, wedding photos, and more. Share documents with people you know and trust, such as your spouse, Accountant, Banker, Financial Advisor, and Doctor’s office. Access your documents anytime, anywhere, through First Bank and Trust Company’s digital banking platform.

Virtual StrongBox is a safe and convenient place to store your documents. When you upload documents into your digital storage vault, your documents are protected behind First Bank and Trust Company’s secure digital banking platform which requires two-factor authentication.

How to start using Virtual StrongBox:

    • Log in to digital banking.
    • From the main dashboard, scroll down to locate the “Virtual Strongbox” card.
    • Start uploading and organizing your documents! It’s that easy!

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