Clover Go Point of Sale System

Clover® Go makes it easier than ever to take your business to wherever your customers are and safely accept payments anywhere you have a wifi or cellular connection.  Whether you are taking your business off site or allowing customers to pay from their seat Clover® Go has you covered.

Clover Tap to Pay

  • Low cost entry to accepting cards
  • Manage cash, check and credit card sales effortlessly
  • Receipts delivered to your customers by text or email
  • Robust reporting and customer management Apps available

The smallest of all Clover® devices, the Clover® Go measures H: 2.5 x W: 2.6 x D: 0.9 in. and weighs in at 2.67 oz.

Go far beyond the transaction with Clover Applications. Set up loyalty and marketing programs, access sales reports, track employee hours and much more.

Customers App Assess customer profiles and develop targeted marketing.

Visit the Clover Market App to view their suite of pre-installed applications for your business.

First Bank and Trust Company does not provide, and is not responsible for, applications from third party service providers. Third party services and applications are available through the Clover App Market.

Clover ® Go is a great place to start accepting payments, but for larger businesses or those looking for more functionality, Clover® offers a range of products so you can build and customize the perfect Point of Sale system for you  
From simply accepting payments on the go to a full range of features including a cash drawer and receipt printer the Clover® system can help take your business to the next level offering convenience for both you and your customers.
Products include:
  • Clover® Go - Easily and safely accept Swipe, dip, and tap payments from your phone
  • Clover® Flex - Let your customers pay how they want to pay. Swipe, dip, and tap. Magstripe, chip cards, and NFC payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Clover® Mini - A single, compact device is all you need to ring people up and take payments. The Clover Mini offers a cash drawer and even prints receipts.
  • Clover® Station - A full POS system allowing you to manage inventory including restaurant table status and reservations, manage staff, input custom orders and much more.
The CLOVER name and logo are trademarks owned by Clover Network, Inc., a wholly owned subsidy of First Data Corporation and registered or used in the U.S and many foreign countries. First Bank & Trust is a contracted re-seller of the First Data and Clover solutions.  This web page is not an official page of First Data Corporation, Clover, its subsidiaries or affiliated businesses.

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